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We have received queries from a number of individuals who wished to purchase the domain name to set up sites related to Jewish history, Judaism, Torah and thoughts on the Jewish faith and ethics. Sorry, we are not interested in selling the domain name.

We do provide links to various (hopefully appropriate) sites here. Descriptions have been provided by the sites owners, not by us. You can have your site added by emailing the WebMaster. We do not regularly monitor these links to ensure that the existence of the sites. The Goal of the is to make accessible to our people the Torah's system of self perfection, and the inspiration, motivation, and education necessary to lead a Torah Lifestyle. Partners in Torah, is a unique and highly individualized adult Jewish study project committed to Jewish continuity and fostering unity between Jews of all backgrounds. Partners in Torah offers free tutorials, either in person or over the phone, to anyone interested in expanding their Jewish horizons. Participants are matched with a carefully selected "partner", or chavruta, for up to an hour a week of study on the topic of their choice.