I was working in the kitchen the other day (not exactly an intellectual challenge), when the movie "Dead Man Walking" popped into my head. For some strange reason (too many years working with Stuart MacMartin?) I started making up rhyming puns. So, for your amusement, I present:

Dead Man Walking: Variations on a Theme

By RoseAnne Mussar

Seance: Dead Man Talking

Prime Minister goes for a stroll: Head Man Walking

Marx giving a speech: Red Man Talking

Securing the maroon RV: Red Van Locking

Making fun of the maroon RV: Red-Van Mocking

Baker tries eastern cuisine: Bread Man Wokking

Pursuing the psychotherapist: Head-Man Stalking

Filling up the baking dish: Bread Pan Stocking

Network down? Let's discuss it: Dead LAN Talking

Laurel, after alarming Hardy stunt: Said Stan, "Shocking!"

Sexy lingerie with garter belt: Red Band Stocking

Cosmologist Steven plays the straight man: Dead Pan Hawking

Funeral march for Solo: Dead Han Walking

Submitted by Gary:

Pawning the pewter skillet: Lead Pan Hocking

Spitting after a big meal: Fed Man Hawking

Outlining China on the blackboard: Red Land Chalking

Sealing the casket: Dead Man Caulking

Funeral march for William Shatner: Dead Ham Walking

Submitted by David Putnam:

Enjoying the Zeppelin concert: Led Fan Rocking

The Rastafarian plumber: Dredd-Man Caulking

Submitted by Stuart MacMartin:

Former late-night cohost reminiscing: Ed McMann Talking

A Poe story ending: Dead Man Knocking

Sunburnt guy meditating: Red Man Grokking

Problems with the network: Dead LAN Blocking

Cold feet: Wed-Man Balking

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